iCetana works with organisations around the world to enhance security and protect physical assets. The following insights share the expertise we've gathered through our work.

19 December 2018

Can you Trust AI?

AI is becoming increasingly powerful, and capable. It is now being used to perform tasks that were exclusively entrusted to people, such as driving cars or diagnosing breast cancer. Can we trust AI in critical decision making?

19 December 2018

Video surveillance for university and college campuses

Executive Summary Personal security is a key deciding factor when selecting a university or college for further education. Over 80% stated that it was ‘somewhat’ or ‘very important’ (Sem works, 2007) to their selection. 

10 September 2018

Getting the most from technology for security operations

Rapid advancements in technology are transforming every aspect of business as companies move rapidly to digitize and modernize their operations. Technologies once only used by the most advanced companies are now made available for every enterprise that wants to remain competitive in the digital age.  

16 August 2018

If AI is here to stay, it should do the right thing.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most fascinating aspects of sci-fi movies. Many times, AI has been represented in the form of physical robots, smart computers or even software forms as a normal part of society. 

16 May 2018

Analysis: the Shift of the Security Industry to Real-Time Action

In some ways, the more traditional model of site security has become a victim of its own success. In a more ‘straightforward’ environment, security operators sit at computer consoles and actively monitor the feeds from cameras placed in strategic locations across a site like a shopping mall or a concert venue.

05 April 2018

How to Unlock the Value in Large-Scale Surveillance Systems

As Head of Security, you've no doubt found yourself in a scenario where your company’s board members and chief executives raise security as their top concern, all the while pushing you to cut costs as you go. It is a tricky situation to be in and it’s even more unfortunate that many don't realise that being able to achieve high-level security while cutting costs as much as possible are contradictory and extremely difficult to accomplish.

30 January 2018

3 Critical Steps to Protect a Company's Safety Reputation

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, we find a huge influx of people combining work and leisure in commercial hubs and retail districts, transport centres, and education campuses. On top of having ready access to a range of services, people flock to these hubs expecting more than convenience; they expect safety and security to be a given.

09 November 2017

The Hidden Cost of Overlooking Security Incidents

With all the media interest in cybercrimes and online security breaches during the past few years, you might get the idea that identity theft and internet security crimes are virtually the only types of criminal activity most businesses are facing today.

10 October 2017

AI-Assisted Video Monitoring: What It Is, How It's Different, and What It Brings to the Table.

Large retail stores. Shopping malls. College campuses. Transportation hubs. These are all environments that are incredibly fluid — at any given time there could be hundreds or even thousands of people walking among them. 

03 October 2017

Navigating the Growing Threat Landscape

Nowadays, protests quickly turn violent and terror attacks are becoming more frequent.